September 15, 2009

Trying to become a DOMESTIC GODDESS!

So step one in trying to become a domestic goddess, is learning to COOK...all while being FRUGAL! That being said, we got 2 weeks worth of groceries for under $150 and I have a meal plan...
15th--Beef Stew
16th--Meatball Subs
17th--Cheesy Chicken and Mac
18th--Pork BBQ
20th--Pizza/Fend For Yourself
22nd--Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
24th--Chicken Parmesean
25th--Italian Style Stir Fry
26th--Spaghetti Carbonara
27th--Sweet and Sour Chicken
28th--Ham and Cheddar Loaf

So was the beef stew! AJ cut all the meat for me last night :) I got up early...I cut the potatoes (even peeled them with a knife--El, you'd be proud!) and cut the carrots and onions...cooked it all in the crock pot to be done in time for AJ to leave for work at 2! Looks a little gross but is WAY yummy! Hayden even liked it before he choked on the meat. Apparently, he can't eat meat like that's okay, he had a pb&j instead, but I'm so glad he at least ate a few bites! AJ packed it for lunch (hints why there's not much left in the picture). All in all, it was GOOD!

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