November 23, 2008

Texas Steakhouse=Boooooo!!!!

So AJ, Hayden, and I went to Texas Steakhouse yesterday around 3p for a late lunch/early dinner...we got cheese fries to share, and of course their warm yummy then he gets his steak and baked potato and I get my grilled chicken tenders and steamed veggies. Well, by the time my food comes, I was pretty full from the fries & rolls so I ate 1/2 a chicken tender and my veggies...well, I was like this is good, cause then AJ could have the rest for dinner. So AJ's steak is crappy and he doesn't even finish it, he said the steak on base in Afghanistan was better, lol, must have been bad! Anyway, we go to the mall afterwards to get him some new shoes and I start feeling REALLY naueous, but brush it off, figuring it was just cause my stupid gallbladder (or lack thereof) and we leave and run to Hagerstown Mall...well on the way there the nausea was intensifying and by the time we get to the mall we have to RUSH through the food court to keep me from throwing up from the smell, we run in the store, and I tell him we have to go home, I felt miserable! So he drives and we get home and I RUN inside, throw my coat off (all the while leaving him to get Hayden and ALL the bags and whatnot--sorry baby, but thank you for being so wonderful!) and I get inside and throw that lasts a while, then I went to sleep and he ate the rest of the stupid chicken tenders for dinner...whadda you know??? Around midnight he starts throwing up too!
Moral of the story: Texas Steakhouse chicken tenders are either undercooked or OLD and make you vomit, DO NOT eat them!


Summer said...

OMG that is awful mama! I bet you won't be going there again for a long time, huh?

Melis said...

Ugh, I don't think I'll ever be going there again unless it's something like a birthday where I'm obligated to. I used to love their food and AJ had never been there...bad first impression!